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Melbourne: David J Larkin, 2000

More than an intuitive nonsense, Einstein's Theory of Special Relativity, it would seem, legitimised a century of stupidity. A stupidity typified by schizophrenic, ghosting, time dependent, self-replicating, psychic 'god-like' particles; singularities; space-time warps, and imaginary time. If sensibility is to be restored, then Science must exorcise the spooks, God-rationalists, and writers of science fiction that riddle modern theoretical physics. Provocative conjecture indeed.

ISBN 0 646 40400 8   +   SUMMARY


An essay concerning identity, freedom, and responsibility.
Melbourne: David J Larkin, 2004

If one accepts that there are no objective and inviolable universal rights, no universal basis for morality, then by consequence, any 'moral code' is both in basis and in substance arbitrary. And the code's acceptance is by consensus alone—the consensus of a ruling elite or the general consensus of a community-at-large. The ramification is, of course, that regardless of how admirable or heinous, any action or indeed statement of intent can be sanctioned as moral.

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